May 18, 2017




All engineering students are eligible for free printing at the Engineering Students' Society Office (CBY A05) during our office hours! At this point in time, students may print assignments and lab reports only. A 30 page limit does apply to each student.


Equipment Rentals

The ESS provides rental services to all students that may be in temporary need of a certain type of equipment. Fill out the agreement below and bring it to the office (during office hours) when you come to pickup your rental. The price can be found in the agreement and only cash or credit are accepted.

Equipment Rental Agreement


Locker Rentals

The cost for a single locker over the whole school year (8 months) is $25.  The cost for a single locker over a semester is $15. You can pay for a locker at the ESS Office during office hours. Additionally, lockers are free during the summer, just choose a locker and put a lock on it!