June 22, 2017


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Events We Host

Below you'll find the descriptions of various events we run throughout the year.


Drink an Unsuspecting Small Town Establishment Dry. The party of the semester that is exactly what its title suggests. Follow us onto a bus and get ready for an adventure! We gather a few busloads of the craziest engineers and their friends and go have a night in someone else’s town. The location is changed and kept secret every semester to keep things exciting, and exciting it will be! This is the party you don’t want to miss! Tickets go fast when they’re released; make sure to get yours quickly!

  • GOAT

GOAT or Go Out After T’Exams is your chance to party it up with your fellow engineers and friends one last time before the semester ends. Everyone is excited to be done exams and extremely dehydrated of certain liquids they have avoided through the exam period. GOAT gives everyone a chance to rehydrate and enjoy themselves before everyone heads in separate directions.


Do you play music? Do you like listening to music? Held once every semester, STAGED gives all engineers a chance to rock their stuff and listen to some great tunes. Whoever said engineers aren’t artistic was dead wrong! ARTISTIC, ARTISTIC, not ARTSY! Keep your ears open for one hell of a great concert!

  • Engineering Charity Ball

Engineers don’t always live in our coveralls and hardhats! Sometimes we like to dress up, become proper gentlemen and gentleladies. The engineering Charity Ball gives us all the chance to do that AND give to a good cause! Good food, good company, music and dancing makes the Eng Ball a great way to show off your duds, make some new friends, and have a great night!