June 22, 2017

Engineering Culture


ERTW stands for Engineers Rule the World. It is a fun saying which engineers say with pride. ESTW stands for Engineers Serve the World. This variation is to signify how engineers make things which help the people around the world.

Iron Ring

The Iron Ring is the time-honoured symbol of the Canadian Engineering Profession. The ring signifies the pride which we have in our profession, while reminding us of our unity and responsibility.

It may be worn on the little finger of the working hand by any graduated engineer who has attended the ceremony of the Calling of an Engineer. This private and voluntary ritual is independent and unaffiliated with any professional association. This ceremony has remained unchanged since it started in 1925.

Hard Hats & Coveralls

Hard Hats are not only an important piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), they are also a timeless symbol of engineers everywhere. At the University of Ottawa, we wear our hard hats to show our spirit and pride to those around. We where them to many events throughout the year. There are different colours of hard hats: White is worn by the execs of the Engineering Student Society, Purple is worn by 101 Week guides, Yellow is worn by 1st years and they are awarded their hard hat on the Tuesday of 101 week. After 1st year, engineers have earned the right to decorate their hard hat.

Take pride in your hard hat. With the hard hat, the outfit is not complete without coveralls. Coveralls should be worn to all engineering events.



Engineers across Canada take part in the patch culture. Patches are sewn on coveralls to personalize them, and show all you have accomplished. uOttawa and Department patches can be bought to show off your pride, and special event patches can be earned by participating in events throughout the year. When students go to conferences and competitions, patches are traded between newly met friends to acquire unique and exclusive patches.

University of Ottawa Cog
University of Ottawa Cog
Otis Bunny
Otis Bunny
Retro uOttawa Patch
Retro uOttawa Patch

The Cast Iron Tool & Keepers

The original key to the Colonel By Locks of our Rideau Canal is one of the great feats of engineering in Ottawa. It is the most honored and precious item for the Engineering Student Society at the University of Ottawa.

The Tool is locked away, except to make an appearance at events throughout the year, but never without the three Keepers. The Keepers, entrusted with the Tool and its well-being, deserve great respect, as they protect the Tool with their lives.

Other engineering faculties across Canada have had their tool come under attack from time to time. Fotunately, UOttawa is proud for we have guarded our tool from harm and never had it stolen. We must continue to be careful, for there is no greater prize than the tool of another university…

Otis Bunny

Many years ago, the Keepers were assigned a great task: to find a mascot that represented uOttawa engineering students. After countless debates, they finally agreed on the bunny. Bunnies are a symbol of success, sustainability and survival. To the Keepers’ s surprise, after capturing their new mascot they realized he was no ordinary bunny. He would soon manage to obtain all four of the engineering degrees at the same time, while partying harder than any other uOttawa student. He was named Otis, after the company that engineered the elevators for CBY.


The engineering handbook contains all the important information about engineering life at university. It includes, important engineering history, engineering song verses, school tips, and much more.

Iron Tool
Iron Tool