June 22, 2017


The Engineering Endowment Fund (EEF) is a large source of funding for initiatives benefiting engineering undergraduate engineering students on our campus. The EEF is also your way to apply for funding from the Dean’s Office.

  Winter 2018 applications are now open and will be due February 3th 2018 at 11:59EST. The presentations will be held February 10th and/or 11th from 10am-6pm (subject to change). All applications submitted will be considered for funding by both the EEF and the Faculty. Please read the documents below for proper application procedures. Applications must be emailed to EEFchair@gmail.com on or before the deadline. Mac users, please ensure your application form is viewable on PCs.

    If you would like to be a part of the committee to evaluate the EEF proposals, please click on the committee application above or email EEFchair@gmail.com with your name, year, discipline, any relevant experience, as well as any conflicts of interest you may have. You also must be available during the day on February 10th and/or 11th (subject to change). This is a great opportunity to get involved with the Faculty of Engineering. Please visit http://engineering.uottawa.ca/entrepreneurship/funding for more information.

Relevant files can be found below:

EEF Chair - Heemel Saha
EEF Chair - Heemel Saha

Summer Funding Results

Project Name Amount Granted What kind of project is it?
University of Ottawa GNCTR 2018  $               750.00 Competition Design
Harvard Business School - Peek Weekend Conference  $               440.00 Conference
Northern Community Housing LEED  $               350.00 Certification
Development of a LCD SLA 3D Printing Technology  $               250.00 Entrepreneurial Design
EPD Team  $            1,500.00 Competition Design
uOttaHack  $            1,500.00 Events & Social
SAE Aerospace  $            1,000.00 Competition Design
OPL - Centennial Branch Expansion  $               605.00 Competition Design
Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference  $            3,235.00 Conference
Robot Racing - IARRC  $               980.00 Competition Design
University of Ottawa Rocketry  $            2,000.00 Competition Design
OEC 2018  $            3,000.00 Competition Design
Formula uOttawa  $            3,000.00 Competition Design
Bionics Team  $            1,329.68 Club/Team
Hover Team  $               500.00 Entrepreneurial Design
uOttawa Baja SAE  $            1,500.00 Competition Design
Available Funding  $           22,000.00
Amount Granted  $           21,939.68

*The amounts outlined above are from the EEF Funding and does not include Faculty funding.