July 31, 2017


Below are the list of conferences for the 2017-2018 academic year, along with their date, location, targeted audience and descriptions. Reports and write ups for each conference will be posted shortly after the completion of the conference.

If you are interested in representing uOttawa at one or more of these conferences during the year, stay posted throughout the year for applications and so forth, the interview process.

ESSCO PM (Engineering Students’ Society of Ontario, President’s Meeting)

Date: September 15th-17th, 2017
Location: Guelph, ON (University of Guelph)
Target Audience: Undergraduate Engineering Students

    ESSCO President’s Meeting is used to connect the different executive teams from member schools. Each school is invited to bring their execs and or other students whom are interested to meet others in the same positions and share best practices. The sessions are tailored to society involvement and create discussions on problems each of the school’s face. The ESSCO council also meets to discuss the upcoming CFES Presidents meeting and form a unified Ontario opinion.

CFES PM (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, President’s Meeting)

Date: September 22nd-24th, 2017
Location: Burnaby, BC (Simon Fraser University)
Target Audience: ESS-AEG VPX

    Solely for the VPX, CFES President’s meeting is an intimate gathering between the CFES Board of Directors, the National Executive, and members. Every Fall, this meeting brings together engineering student leaders from across Canada to discuss, engage, and share ideas and experiences. This meeting serves as an introduction to the CFES and a chance to deeply understand your role as a member and stakeholder of the organization, a chance to network with fellow engineering societies, informational sessions, and preparation for Congress.

CDE/NCWIE (Conference on Diversity in Engineering)

Date: November 10th-12th, 2017
Location: Hamilton, ON (McMaster University)
Target Audience: Undergraduate Female Engineering Students

    CFES CDE aims to develop knowledge surrounding the variety of individuals, cultures and perspectives found within engineering communities. Originally created for the involvement of women in engineering (but anyone can apply) CDE further aims to instill a notion of positivity and togetherness in creating spaces that value the differences between groups of engineering students and professionals.

    Delegates will not only leave the conference with a solid understanding of the issues minorities encounter in the engineering profession, but they will also be equipped to appropriately address these issues to create a more inclusive and thriving community. Students attending CDE will have the opportunity to meet and hear from successful, interesting, and talented speakers prepared to share their experience and knowledge on how to embrace diversity to better address the complex, interdisciplinary problems of society.

ESSCO PEO-SEC (Professional Engineers Ontario – Student Conference)

Date: Mid-November (TBD)
Location: TBD
Target Audience: Graduating Engineering Students

    Aimed at graduating engineering students, PEO-SC is a professional development conference that introduces delegates to the work of PEO and the benefits of obtaining a P.Eng license. Delegates are exposed to the licensing process and the PEO Student Membership Program, and have an opportunity to listen to speakers discuss the future of the engineering profession in Ontario. Delegates also get a chance to participate in activities that are designed to get the thoughts of students in regards to problems facing the engineering profession.

CFES Congress (Canadian Federation of Engineering Students, Congress)

Date: January 2nd-7th, 2018
Location: Halifax, NS (Dalhousie University)
Target Audience: ESS-AEG Executives and Undergraduate, Engineering Students

    CFES Congress has two primary objectives. The first is that CFES Congress is the annual general meeting of the CFES and the second is that it provides a platform from which students can collaborate with and learn from our industry partners, sponsors and fellow students. Attracting between 150 and 200 delegates from over 40 engineering schools, CFES Congress is a great opportunity to reach out and engage engineering student leaders from every institution and field of engineering.

    Delegates attending CFES Congress are provided with a fantastic opportunity to meet with and learn from other student leaders and industry professionals. This National transfer of knowledge is invaluable, as it provides students with tangible, real-life examples and advice on how to improve their personal and professional skills. CFES Congress boasts a wide range of speakers and topics ranging from professional presentations from our sponsors and industry partners to student led roundtables and panels that dissect the finer points of running student organizations.

ESSCO FYIC (Engineering Students’ Society of Ontario, First Year’s Integration Conference)

Date: Early February, 2018
Location: Thunder Bay, ON (Lakehead University)
Target Audience: First-Year Undergraduate Engineering Students

    ESSCO FYIC is a leadership development conference for first-year engineering students looking to get more involved in their respective engineering societies. Delegates are introduced to what CFES, PEO and OSPE are and how they work with ESSCO. The first years participate in session designed to develop leadership potential, breaking down first year barriers, and learning ways that they can improve their own engineering society.